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Imani Nia Robinson is an Actor, Writer, Creator, and Producer, who hails out of Baltimore, Maryland. At the early age of 9 years old, Imani knew her calling. She starred in her first play in the third grade, and continued to perform ever since. She continued her training at The Baltimore School For the Arts. 


Acting was her first passion, having acted in countless plays and booking roles on HBO's The Wire & The Deuce. Wanting to express her creativity, she immersed herself in her own writing, and discovered an additional talent. 


During her college years at California Institute of the Arts, Imani interned on HBO’s Treme in the writers’ office. She also interned at HBO in the Development Department.


After college, she worked on all 3 seasons of HBO's The Deuce in the writers’ office as the Executive Producer’s Assistant/Writers’ Assistant;

which provided her more insight on the production side of this industry.

Noni Robinson, AKA Mama, has been on this journey with Imani since the beginning. She states, "Imani taught me to never waiver and to be steadfast with my talent, dreams, and desires."


One of Noni’s many gifts is connecting with folks, and working the room. Because of her, 3 Blind Mice has been featured in many media outlets in Baltimore and beyond. We give thanks to Noni for this. 3 Blind Mice is fully supported in Baltimore and we are so thankful! 


In addition to being supportive, Noni has invested her own funds since our inception and has been instrumental in securing the funds to allow us to go into production. She is 3 Blind Mice’s number one fan and Imani's favorite girl!


Letia Solomon is an award-winning African American filmmaker and actress of Jamaican descent based in Los Angeles, California. She graduated from the University of California Riverside with a degree in Chemical Engineering and worked as a Materials Engineer in Aerospace for four years before transitioning into a career of film.


She began her career as an actress at Choice Skinner's Breaking Through Actors Workshop and then pursued directing at the New York Film Academy in Burbank, California. There, she wrote and directed “Elevate” which won for Best Student Film in the 2017 Philadelphia Independent Film Awards. 


Letia is the Co-Creator of the African World Film Festival with Lights Up Entertainment in Detroit, MI and currently attends USC’s School of Cinematic Arts for a MFA in TV & Film Production. She completed an internship with Charles D. King's production company MACRO and was selected to direct The Cypher, one of SCA’s selective advanced 546 films during Fall 2019. The Cypher premiered in the 2020 Don’t Look Back Shorts Program of the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. Since then, the film has been featured in CAA’s 2020 Moebius Short Film Showcase and the 2020 American Black Film Festival HBO Competition. Letia has a bold, visual style that champions edgy, heartfelt and comedic stories of femininity, duality, and discovering self-identity. She currently works on the ABC/Shondaland firefighter series Station 19 and writes, directs, and produces for both film and television.

Bethany Michalski is a Los Angeles-based cinematographer and director. The instincts from her Baltimore street photography past and MFA training she received from the AFI Conservatory (Cinematography19') have shaped her focus today.


She splits her time between narrative and documentary features work- most notably shooting a multi-format documentary for U2 and working with clients including Showtime, MTV, Nike, US Bank, Disney, Diesel, Paper Magazine, and the Travel Channel.

Abdul Majid is an experienced screenwriter, talent booker and sound engineer. Abdul secured a film deal for his script “All in the Game” and has been a ghost writer for several prime time television shows. He has worked for “The Metro Channels” on shows like: “Full Frontal Fashion”, “Behind the Label”, and “Reservations Required”. He’s booked celebrity and musical guests for “Studio Y” and “The Daily Beat”.

In addition, Abdul worked with shows like WE’s “Style Me”, Oxygen Channel’s “Race Matters”, A&E’s “Biography” and Superbowl XXXIX. Abdul has also closely assisted the creative development of 3 Blind Mice since 2016.

Armani Baraka Scott is an accomplished attorney and a creative mind who has successfully merged his love for law and the world of innovative thought into a career that positively impacts both. He is the founder of the Law Office of Armani B. Scott in Brooklyn, New York. He also serves as Business Counsel and Executive Producer for Strategy Park Management. 

Mr. Scott believes in the power of helping others to solve problems and manifest their visions. It is with this higher purpose that he provides his signature services which cover all aspects of law, business development, brand development, art curation, and creative writing!

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